What is Skyborn

The Skyborn are a pantheon of gods worshipped by the Almyrians. According to the Domagora, the Almyrian book of worship, the Skyborn, and all of existence, was created by Azul the Allpowerful, and the Skyborn in turn, created man.

“And from their flesh did the Skyborn fashion man in their own like” – Creation, The First Book of Nasif

After creating mankind to serve them, the Skyborn left the planet to return to their home world, leaving Rawuth the God Emperor to govern in their absence. Rawuth founded the Almyrian empire, and after man grew increasingly unruly and resentful of his reign, Rawuth created the Prime Covenant, a priesthood tasked with enforcing his divine rule. The first priests of the Prime Covenant were taught great magic and skill at arms by Rawuth himself, such that they were more than a match for any man who dared oppose them. And it was thus that the Prime Covenant grew into the most formidable and fearsome force that man had ever known.

Rawuth set forth his priests to faraway lands, that they would ensure there was no part of the world where man did not know him to be their one true god and ruler. To maintain order over his vast dominion, Rawuth installed Raaths, Almyrian governors chosen by the God Emperor himself. One such man, Raath Jabaar, one of Rawuth’s many own sons, ventured forth to the conquer the uncharted lands known as the Outlands, where the Almyrian empire would find the greatest adversaries they had yet encountered.


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